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Education and Leadership

Venn Leadership and Consulting, LLC – We offer personnel services relating to private investigation; focusing on insurance related matters and corporate investigations (thief, etc.).


Venn leadership and consulting, LLC – We help you made sound decisions:  Educational Leadership, Conflict Resolution, Classroom Management and Self-Defense.


Venn Leadership and Consulting, LLC is a consulting organization that partners with individuals, corporate and educational leaders in creating an environment that promotes communication and critical thinking.






We will seek effective ways to resolving problems.

We will uphold the security and privacy of our clients.

We will keep an open communication policy.

We will provide timely feedback that is relative and up-to-date.

We will treat each client with respect and professionalism.

We will conduct self-evaluation to determine our effectiveness.

We strive for excellence in providing a product or service. One of our goals is to help our clients learn and work effectively by reducing their far of verbal and physical altercation and cognitive stagnation by teaching awareness and self-defense, conflict resolutions through mediation, problem solving through elements of thinking as we seek real-time change.


Venn Leadership and Consulting can provide a solution to assist in the training of educators in the classroom, industry and corporate management that ultimately increases retention of students, leaders and subordinates.  




Pedro Bennett, an educator and Investigator, is qualified to coach and mentor educators, managers and leaders by teaching and sharing strategies that creates interest in learning, improve self-awareness and promotes a healthier work environment. 


Questions educators, managers and leaders often ask themselves:

What really works?

How do I teach or manage who students or subordinates do not buy into a change?

How do I eliminate the fear of failure?

How do I know if I am in the right position to educator, manage or lead?

How do I multi-task?

How can I reduce stress?

What do I do?  I am afraid and overwhelmed. 

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