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Investment Concerns

When hiring or renting to someone, you make an investment into that person.  In such an investment you make a gamble.  There are concerns about previous known criminal activities, arrests and incarcerations as well as there are financial stability concerns. For example, Is there a public recorded financial delinquency issue with your tenant?  Are there any collection concerns with the person you are to hire or you just hired?  Are there are criminal and fraudulent concerns, for example:  Is there a sex offender record?  Is the person he/she says he/she is?  Are there any AKAs?  Where has the person lived? 

There are a large number of questions to be answered.  A rental agreement or a job application only touches the surface in defining if you are making a good investment.  However, do not fear.  At Venn Leadership and Consulting, LLC, we can help reduce your chances of making bad investments.  We could assist by conducting comprehensive background checks using databases that targets criminal and sex offender records, social network information, vehicle registrations, financial assets, previous address validations and more…  As you invest in other, let us assist you in having the confidence in your investment. 

Background Search Rates

Fixed Rates

Venn Leadership and Consulting, LLC has a fixed rate. We believe that when you focus in on one component of an background check, you leave the door open to a variety of other concerns that might needed to be investigated. Do not turn your back.